About us

We help students and young professionals reach their career aspirations

At financialduediligenceinterview.com, our goal is to help aspiring professionals reach their career goals. We genuinely believe that a career in financial due diligence is both rewarding and life-changing. The skills acquired in a transaction advisory career are extremely valuable and can propel your career to new levels. 

That being said, getting into financial due diligence is a difficult task and requires preparation. That’s why we have created the best resource for financial due diligence interview prep on the market. 

Our program is designed to provide all of the resources that students and young professionals need to ace interviews in financial due diligence.

The Financial Due Diligence Interview team has 5+ years of experience working for the big four and the top M&A consulting firms in the United States. Not only does the team have an in-depth understanding of the financial due diligence career path at some of the best firms, but we have also been involved in the recruiting and interview process for these firms and went through this process ourselves. We know what it takes to get a job in financial due diligence, know what interviewers are looking for, and want to share our knowledge with you.