Financial Due Diligence Interview Process

What is the typical interview process for Transaction Advisory (TAS) job interviews?

Table of contents

  • Intro to the financial due diligence case study interview
  • Why is the FDD case study interview important?
  • What to expect
  • How to prepare
  • Conlusion

Recruiter screening process

A recruiter’s job is to find potential candidates for the firm. Part of this responsibility includes filtering out candidates that do not meet the firm’s hiring criteria. Whether you are connected through a prior colleague or were contacted directly, the recruiter will be making a yes or no decision based on your first interaction (i.e., a ‘screening’ call). That’s why making a good first impression is key. Have your story down and be able to walk through your resume and relevant experience. Be prepared to articulate how your experience is relevant to the role and how it qualifies you for a position. Additionally, spend time researching the company beforehand and create a list of questions to ask during the call.

First round interview

The first round of interviews will vary from firm to firm. However, this round typically includes an in-person meeting (if possible), a more detailed discussion of your experience, and a few behavioral questions. Be prepared to walk through your resume and experience in more detail during this round. And be ready to discuss what you’re working on, what you’ve worked on in the past, and what your responsibilities are in your current position. Once again, formulate your answers to show that your experience is relevant to financial due diligence and that you are qualified for the job. Finally, do your research on the firm/position and be prepared to ask several questions during the interview.

Final round interview(s) and case study

The final round typically includes several different interviews with various members of the firm. Whether in person or via videoconference, you will need to wear business professional. You will be asked a mix of behavioral and technical questions along with a case study and presentation. Like the first two interviews, come prepared with questions to ask, have your story down, and be prepared to articulate how your experience qualifies you for the position.

Full interview guide

Master the interview process for roles at big 4 and other elite FDD firms.​ Includes an example case study and excel model.

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